Open Metaverse vs Industrial Metaverse: what is the difference?

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The open metaverse is an open and accessible virtual reality where users can interact and experience immersive environments. Typically based on virtual or augmented reality technologies, the open metaverse is designed to be a meeting and socialization space for users.

On the other hand, the industrial metaverse is a virtual reality designed for specific purposes such as training, product design, or simulation. Usually, the industrial metaverse is accessible only to authorized users and can be used for professional activities or corporate training.

Use cases for the open metaverse include socialization, gaming, virtual tourism, and entertainment. In contrast, the industrial metaverse can be used for corporate training, product design, simulation, and other professional activities.

In the future, both types of metaverse are likely to find a wide range of applications and become increasingly integrated into the daily lives of individuals and businesses. The open metaverse is expected to become a meeting and socialization space for users worldwide, while the industrial metaverse will be used to carry out professional activities more efficiently and enhance corporate training.


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